Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016 Week 62 Tarqui, Chillogallo

Merry Christmas!!

Well a strange thing happened this week, I got changed to Santa Domingo on Thursday.  I thought I would stay in Tarqui for a long time, but no dice.  I really liked it there, it's was awesome sector, and the ward was great.  It is sooooo hot here in Santa Domingo.... Like really hot, humid actually.  I may die...  My clothes are really just sticking to me.  It is pretty flat here, not as many steps and mountains.  I am way west of where I was before.  It's pretty stressful to pack all the time by the way.
Elder Brown is my new companion.  I am training again.  The house is pretty good.  Someone took my pillow, so I will have to get another one.

We had like three lessons just today, it was awesome.  I think there are a couple baptisms coming up this weekend.  So that will be good.
Thanks for all the Christmas presents.  They are all real nice.   I was pretty good at the guessing game.
My stomach has been hurting again for a few days, I think I should avoid onions at all costs.
We had our district meetings.  They fed us some great food.  Turkey, and stuffing, and real mashed potatoes with gravy.  It was real good.
We also did some service today.  So things are going well here.  I guess that is all for now.  Until next week
Love Elder Rogers

Friday, December 23, 2016

December 19, 2016 Week 61 Tarqui, Chillogallo

Hey there family,

I got my package mom, I don't know if I was supposed to wait till Christmas, but it didn't specifically say so of course I opened it.  WOW a mini waffle maker, I had no idea they made those, I love it!! I haven't had a waffle in 13 months, and it really hits the spot!! Thank you guys.

Well this week we have been working really hard to find new people. Also we had divisions with the zone leaders and district leader. We basically change companions for the day. It's good most of the time and you learn a lot. So we did that for two days so there was'
t too much done in our own sector because we went to the sector of the zone leaders. So that is always sad. But we did work super hard and found a few people to start teaching. Sadly nobody came to church either so we are a little lost on what to do. We are not discouraged though. This sector is fantastic and we know we are going to have more success here. So we are doing great. I am also feeling a little better. I think its all the rain that we have in Quito. Its alot. But we are doing well.

I'm not sure where we will Skype from but we will be doing that on Sunday.  We found this pretty cool park in the middle of no where.

I am doing good talk to you guys on Sunday.
Love Elder Rogers

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 12, 2016, Week 60 Tarqui, Chillogallo

Hey family,
My new companion is Elder Choque.

The new area is pretty great.  The church is two stories high, and the members are pretty awesome.  They are just super happy people.  We have made a few new contacts, and have taught a few lessons this week.  I got a little sick earlier this week, just a cold i think.  Don't panic.  We cleaned the house real good.  I got a bunch of bleach and sprayed the whole bathroom down, but then it reminded me of the swimming pool.  I didn't realize how much I missed swim practice and the pool!!   It's killing me.... In other news, I finally found a Wyoming quarter, after 13 months here. I know you guys don't think that is super exciting, but I guess you haven't been here in Ecuador for over a year...

It's kind of cool how I can speak Spanish now, except in the mornings when I first wake up....
Anyway have a good week
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016 Week 59 Vargas, La Colon

Hey Family,

Well what a wonderful week!  There have been changes and I am now going to a placed called Tarqui... It's in Chillogallo.  I am in a new house....hmm... it's interesting there. I am pretty excited to be here.  I am in Quito still of course still the city. It is a little flatter, which I'm happy about.  Also still in the mountains, rainy and cold, a bit south of where I was before.
We had a devotional this week, we wore santa hats, and lit candles, and did a little singing in a park.  Some people came to talk to us and take our pictures and stuff.  Contacted a bunch of people.  I ran into a family I really liked again from Solonda, it was great to see them.  They learned to speak English from the disney movies they say..hahaha.  I tried to make some chicken, it didn't turn out too good, I think it must have been the chickens fault.
We opened a couple of our packages, thanks mom.  There is zero point zero inches of snow here.  I see you are getting some there.  Good for you, we will not be getting any here.
I am with Elder Choque now, he is from Peru.  I better go, talk to you next week.
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016 Week 58 Vargas, La Colon

Well Hi Family,

All is well here in Ecuador.  Lots of stuff going on this week.  No new people to teach, but we have talked to a lot of people.  We had an activity this week, played football "soccer" at the church, which I enjoy playing and I am getting better at it, but still not super good.  Three gringos against all the natives.... hmm... let's just say our team was not the best....
I also had to renew my visa so I got to see the whole group that I came in with, because of course they were renewing as well. We chatted a bit, it was nice to see them all.  
Hey ask Grandma how to make refried beans taste better, I'm tired of making burritos with just these refried beans, maybe we just need some ground beef and sour cream.  I'm not sure that even exists here.  I'll check.
Happy Thanksgiving!! No one even mentioned it here of course.  I found some sweet potatoes to make.  We don't have an oven, so I boiled them..  worst idea ever... I had to throw them out, they were terrible.
Oh I got the Christmas package, thanks so much.  I love the smell of the pine forest!!! I miss that smell... I'm glad Santa did not forget me, even though I am in Ecuador.

Talk to you next week
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016 Week 57 Vargas, La Colon

Hey Everyone,

How has your week been?  Our week was pretty good. We had a few appointments, and maybe even have a couple people that want to get baptized in December!   I guess we will see.  It's important for them to attend church and what not, some times that is hard here.  We had some activities today as well, they were pretty fun.  We also had some meetings and such.  Loads of fun.
Also Zone Conference

They may organize another branch here, I'm gonna volunteer to be Branch President. I think we may need more members first, so we will work on that. Hahaha

Well everybody says it is winter here but I really don't think so. It hasn't gotten colder at all. The people seem to think it has though. I think they just want to talk about something different. The weather is actually really boring. The people here like to say that Quito weather is "The worst in the world" But I always just agree with them to avoid any arguments. It's interesting actually. If they went to Wyoming in the winter they would definitely die...They think that 60 degrees is FREEZING! Its really funny. 

Anyways. So for thanksgiving I haven't heard anybody talk about it. I don't think it happens down here. I am not too sure. I will miss the sweet potatoes...
Oh Well next year!! 
Well I guess I will talk to you next week.

Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 14, 2016 Week 56 Vargas, La Colon

Hey Mom,

How was your week?  We had a good one here!! We went all the way to the top of teleferico today!! It took a couple hours just to hike, and we saw some other Americans at the top!

We met some really awesome people, and they are pretty excited about what we are teaching, so that is just great!!  We talked to about 30 people in one day.  It's been pretty hard in this sector.. not gonna lie... so this was a big deal.
We took our blankets to the washing rock today, they are super heavy when they are wet.  It was horrible.... Super exciting morning.  Had some oatmeal.
The shoes I brought from home are pretty terrible, that guy at the shoe store was a liar.  He doesn't know what it takes to walk everyday all day.  Elder Shaeper actually left a pretty decent pair that I have worn completely out too.  So that has been a problem... note to self..... or your other missionary children.
We did a service project this week also, it was pretty good.  We were helping move this whole house, including fridge, stove, washer, and other big stuff.  They don't pack it in their truck the way Gramps says to.
I went on divisions with Elder Taylor, which was good. Also had zone meetings, we had to present.
Buttermilk pancake fail!!  I did not have all the ingredients, really didn't think they were that important.  maybe they are??? Cooking is an adventure here.  I'm kind of sick of rice truthfully.... Trying to make something without rice...  Honestly I think cooking in the states is easier, mostly because mom did it all, and I just went upstairs and ate it.. or dads pancakes I ate those too... they seemed fine, easy to make.... hmmmm.......  and camping food was always good, what's wrong here??
It has been raining still here, I need a new umbrella for sure.  Rivers in the streets....
Well I guess I will talk to you next week
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 7, Week 55 Vargas, La Colon

Hello Family,
How is everyone this week?  Well here we are again, on Monday... P day... the most exciting day of the week.  Just reading everyones letters.  Hey, do you think it will work the same if I use leather polish for car seats on my shoes?  I don't see why not.
We have met some people, and are teaching some people.  There have been a lot of our people on vacation this week, so we will catch them next week I hope.  We did really good this week though.
The potatoes turn the water green here, when you boil them.  I guess that's what you get for not buying Idaho Spuds.  
I opened my Halloween cards, thanks for those, I especially like the apple cider packets!!  I miss apple cider, it smells so good.  They don't have that here, well they do but it is super expensive. So we are drinking it for breakfast tomorrow!!  I can't wait.
They gave me and my companion some things to translate, I guess because they are in English and we are gringos.... so.....  No pictures this week sorry mom.  I've been feeling pretty good, no worries mom, I'm just super tired.  Talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 31, 2016 Week 54 Vargas, La Colon

Happy Halloween family,
Well I had a weird dream last night, that I meet mom in walmart.  She was just shopping in Ecuador, but there is no walmart in Ecuador, and when I asked her why she was here she said just touring through South America.  I asked her why she didn't tell me, she said she forgot about me..... Explain that please....
We have been pretty good this week.  My stomach has hurt a little.  My companion says I eat too fast, it's a skill I have I guess.  We have taught a few good lessons this week too.  We found some new people as well.  We have this interesting guy we are teaching, who tells a story about when he was hit by a taxi and an angel saved him from being killed, even though he did get ran over.. it's pretty amazing.
I've decided I need a pit bull.  These people we teach have one, and he is super cute.

It's weird that they are super concerned about American politics here, they always want to talk about who we are voting for.

We also learned how to make arepas fritas from this really nice family.  They may come to the states, I told them they could stay with you guys, maybe they won't come until I am home. Then I could translate for you.
We worked super hard this week and no one came to church this Sunday!! Man it's tough.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 24, 2016 Week 53 Vargas, La Colon

Well no changes for us this week, still here in Vargas and with Elder Synderguard.  We did have divisions this week, so Elder Little came with me, and my comp went with Elder Potter.  This is a hard area for me, but I will stay diligent.  We did a service project this week, helping some members paint their house.  They seem to add water to their paint to make it last longer, which is not the way we do it, but anyways....  I'm not sure you guys were as excited as me about the forest discovery.

It's by far the coolest thing ever!!!  Thanks for the one year package and letters everyone!!  What's with the glitter mom, seriously messy!!
So today I tried to dry my sheets over the stovetop.  I'm glad you got a new dryer, but I don't have one.  After being over here washing my clothes in a sink and on the roof, I would gladly use your washer and dryer, mom.  By myself even, I would do my own laundry.
We did find some new people, and we taught them and invited them to baptism, and they said yes!!! Pretty good news there.
We always have 8:00 church here. Well I guess that covers it. Hope you are all doing well. Love you
Love Elder Rogers

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 17, 2016 week 52 Vargas, La Colon

So today we were shopping at this one place, where apparently everything is stolen.  So some weird guy was trying to sell us a cell phone.  He was really sketchy and nervous looking, and I was like "Dude, calm down"  He wanted me to pay him money for this really cool sony cell phone, and then he was like how about you trade me your phone for this one, but he didn't like our phone cause it is crappy, and I'm pretty sure his phone was stolen, so we were like no way man.  Anyway crazy day!  We found a forest today, while looking for tarantulas.  Here are some pictures it was way cool, and I really want to go camping..... but I can't...

I don't know what kind of trees these are, but they are pretty cool.

We meet some interesting people this week, the son invited us in to talk.  He said he loves to hear about Jesus, so we were like cool.  Then his mom came in, and she was like Oh it's these people...They were nice, but I don't think we will be back there.  
We had a mini conference today, which was pretty good.   Then it rained all day Wednesday, and the power went out.  So we couldn't cook or anything.  I was thinking of making sheepherder taters for dinner too, but we are also out of garlic powder.  
Well The work is moving forward in Quito Ecuador.
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, October 17, 2016

October 10, 2016 Week 51 Vargas, La Colon

Hey Mom,
I got the package, and I will not open it till it has officially been 1 year.  Next week I guess!! Glitter everywhere mom, did you not think that one through?  It's everywhere mom...  It has been raining all week long!  We have had many appointments this week, some good, some bad... but that's how it goes here.  We will be quite busy this week.  This is a hard area I think.   We will be having district meetings and verification this week, so that will be fun.  I really need a waffle iron here, they are super expensive though.
We had a bus contact the other day.  There was 6 of us and we each took a turn standing up on the bus and saying a few things about who we are and what we are doing here.   We told people that we would love to teach them some lessons about Jesus and our church and if they see us walking around to not be afraid to talk to us.  No one has so far, but we still tried it.

We are in winter here, so it is rainy pretty much every day.  I guess I will see you guys later!! Love ya
Elder Rogers

Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 Week 50 Vargas La Colon

Hey family, How is it going?? Everything is good here.  We have been working hard.  My companion and I are doing real well I think.  We have met some new people and we hope to get some of them to come to church soon cause that would be really great.

Well the other day we got caught in a rain storm, it was pretty bad.  I did not have my umbrella, but my companion had his.  Always be prepared.... oops... I was super soaked!
 The rain is pretty cold here.

We did some service today for a family.  We helped them move some of their furniture to a new house.  We moved all the heavy stuff.  They even had a dryer. I haven't seen one of those in a house here yet.
I saw some people slaughter some sheep the other day, very interesting.  Like in the street really. Maybe they had lamb chops for dinner.
Anyways conference was really good, we are always excited for conference here in the mission field!! I hope you guys have a good week I will talk to you next week.
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016 Week 49 Vargas, La Colon

Well this week has been pretty good, filled with a lot of Spanish and English. I have to do all the talking cause the newbies don't speak too much. Well it has been good though. Training is real different than being a normal person. It's a little harder just cause you need to teach everything you know to your companion. So that is really fun. My companion already knows a whole lot so it isn't too different than what I am used to but still. Its a little different. I think everything is going really well though. We have been working really hard, my companion and I are always tired now. We have been finding some new people. All in all it's a little hard but it's fun at the same time. It's definitely the most rewarding thing I have done in a long time. We are doing really well though, we had five lessons one day this week.  It was great, how is everything else going there? It's actually been pretty cold here in the mornings like freezing cold. This computer is soooooo slow I can't get anything to upload today..... sorry MOM.... till next week!
LOVE you guys
Elder Rogers

Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016 Week 48 Vargas, La Colon

Thanks for the package MOM,  I can't believe all the stupid stuff you send me, but I like it. The twizlers taste a little weird, but maybe because they have been in there for a couple months.  My new comp is Elder Synderguard.

Training is going good, there is just a lot to teach.  We have been very busy this week.  We have meet a lot of new people, some pretty cool ones.  I'm just trying to do a good job teaching and such.....
We have had some good days, been feeling pretty good and what not...working like crazy.
I am hoping we have some people come to church next week, that would be really nice.  We saw some nice videos at district this week.  We also got a new cellphone this week. The problem with it is that I can't really hear anyone when we talk on it.
That's crazy that Drew is serving with one of my relatives, even though I don't know him.
Oh by the way I ran into a giant spider today. It was so big, seriously I don't think we could have squished it with a rock, or a boulder, you'd need a car to kill this thing.... It was massive, I hate spiders.  I do want to pet a monkey.  They have monkeys here, I just need to find one.   Anyways gotta go
Love Elder Rogers

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 12, 2016 Week 47 Vargas, La Colon

We had a pretty good week.  I was sick a few days though, it about killed me.  I haven't slept in two days.  I have been staying away from spicy foods and everything. Maybe everyone just gets sick here.  I feel like I've been sick the whole time.  The baptism was real good.  A nine year old boy in our area, his dad baptized him, so it was real good.  They are a nice family.
 I took some photos on the bus for you.

Also my satchel bag is getting holes in it, so I may want one of those for Christmas, and maybe a galaxy s7 hahaha.   Or maybe have Kollin send me a bull whip.  I did order those shoes I told you about, they should be coming soon.  Maybe all these ruined shoes just mean i've been working way too hard hahaha or they are just terrible shoes.
I'm going to be sad to see Elder Hansen go, he is from Wyoming too, I may never see anyone from Wyoming again.  We have a good time making jokes about Wyoming.
I feel like we have been working super hard in this area, but not a lot of progress is happening.  We just have to keep trying hard.  It brings to mind the story Gordon B. Hinckley tells about when he was  not having a lot of success and his dad just told him to forget himself and go to work.  So that's what we have to do.  Just talking to people, even though they sometimes try and hide from us.  I was thinking about my days at the MTC and how they really helped me get rid of a lot of my social fears there.  They just kind of throw you into it.  I'd like to go back there and maybe work there.  It's a really good place, with a lot of good feelings there.
So I guess the biggest news is that starting Wednesday, I'll be training a new missionary!  What the heck, I'm a new missionary, how can I be training?  I'm just going to have to do a really good job and help my companion a lot.  I'm a little nervous. I mean I'm excited but also nervous.  I mean it's probably gonna be the longest six weeks of his life and the shortest six weeks of mine!  He'll probably be American which means I'll be speaking spanish to all the investigators all alone, I mean I can't speak spanish I just do though but really geez..... what the heck...... maybe he was just joking, I guess we will see Wednesday. Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 5, 2016 Week 46 Vargas, La Colon

Hello Family!  How was your week?  Everything is going well here.  These nice people from Peru taught us to make these really good things called Arepas.  They are super good, especially if you put meat and stuff in them.  You should figure out how to make them.  I don't think I want a job where you wear a suit everyday.  Living out of a suitcase is hard too.  There are a ton of bugs here, I keep getting bitten by stuff.  I think they just hide in the grass and wait for me.

Just been looking for people to teach, lots of stairs here.  We had a productive week, I think.  We are going to a baptism this week, we have been teaching this kid who is 9.  His family are members and I think his dad will baptize him.  So that will be good.   No pictures this week, dumb computer is too slow.  The days go by pretty fast, I don't know what else to tell you.  Gotta go talk to you later!!
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 29, 2016 Week 45 Vargas La Colon

Hello Family,
How is everyone?  Sorry to hear your car broke down, that's a bummer.  We don't have cars we walk everywhere.. so.....
I have discovered the Liahona magazine, I enjoy reading it. It has a lot of good pictures and stories in it.  There's a good article about senior missionary work.  I like those guys, they are like your parents out here.  We had good ones in the MTC, I'm not sure they have any here though.  There was also a story about a kid who wanted something, but he couldn't afford it, and his parents were sick.  Anyway so he ended up getting a surprise from someone, of some toys he wanted or something.  It reminded me of the time that those members in Springville gave us toys for Christmas that one year.  I tried to see who they were, but they ran off.  It makes me want to do something more to help the little kids around here.  I also want to thank those people that gave to me when I was little, of course I don't know who they were.
We haven't been able to meet with that family I told you about again yet, they are only available one day a week.  We do have an investigator though, he is cool.
Our cell phone was being stupid, I have to clean the connecters all the time, because they aren't good. So we got another phone, it is funny because it is the same phone I had in Solonda.
I'm super tired this week and have been falling asleep pretty early.

I guess that is all for now.  Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 22, 2016 Week 44 Vargas La Colon

Hey Mom
Thanks for the package, I enjoyed all the letters from everyone.  I've been washing my clothes in the sink in this sector.  I refuse to pay for the laundromat.  I also refuse to match my socks now, because unlike you mom, I can't watch netflix while I do it.
I have been cooking quite a bit lately, I don't want to alarm anyone, but I am getting pretty good at being on my own.
I almost got killed by a dog.  We were minding our own business knocking on doors and stuff.  There are a lot of stairs here, so we are walking up the stairs, I look to my right and all the sudden this giant dog comes running at me with its mouth open barking and trying to eat me.  (intent to kill, I'm not joking)

I ripped off my bag and tried to whack it with my bag, he had me backed up against the wall trying to kill me.  Finally he ran off.  No respect.... I felt like Chuck Norris there for a sec... Why don't they wanna eat my companion?? Just me. Anyway...

We  went to a park and met some friendly people.

Well we are just trying hard.  My new motto "Just try" actually it's always been my moto hasn't it.  Like Dad used to tell me when I was swimming,  "go out there and beat everybody"  "I'll try Dad"

Also Wednesday all of our appointments were not home, so we decided to try one more house, and we found this really cool family of 7.  We taught the grandkids and the kids and the mom, it was awesome!  Anyway Have a great week Love you Guys
Love Elder Rogers

Friday, August 26, 2016

August 15, 2016 Week 43 Vargas, La Colon

Well this week has been pretty good.  We have been looking for a lot of people this week. I had a good scripture that I wanted to share, but I lost it.  I don't know where it went.  This sector seems really hard, we have not gotten any serious investigators at this time.  It is hard when no one wants to do anything to change their lives.  Some weeks you have more bad days than good days, and that was kind of how this week has been. I just wanna have a day that goes exactly right once on a while. Stress......
I have been feeling pretty good this week., just a few episodes of sickness, but my medicine is working pretty good, and I am trying to eat stuff I'm supposed to.  There doesn't seem to be any spaghetti sauce here, so  today I am just having noodles.  We had a good meeting with President last night, and all the leaders here in this ward.  Oh Mosiah 2 I think it is pretty good.  Anyway read that.  Writing in my journal everyday is killing me... just so you know. My shoes are completely torn up and now I don't know what to do. I know that you said to not procrastinate but I....just...couldn't....help it....So they are broken. I might just start using my sunday shoes. But they are a little big to use every single day. I thought my feet would get alot bigger but turns out that doesn't happen in 9 months. I might have to buy some from Ambato. They are super cool shoes though. I wouldn't mind doing that. I think next week I am going to send all of my voice recordings in the morning so I can just type to you guys in the Afternoon. I need to find a cyber that is awesome though. Those are hard to come by.  No pics this week sorry.  

Ya there was another earthquake in Quito, I slept through it, I don't know what's wrong with me!
I found a waffle iron, but they are like 70 bucks. 
Don't have fun without me. I am just happy that school is going to start soon and nothing happy happens during school so...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 8, 2016 Week 42 Vargas La Colon

Hey Mom,
Been in this new area for 6 days now, and we are just trying to find people to teach.  I am super tired and I just want to go to sleep.  The Basina keeps shutting off our water when I'm in the shower!! It's making me crazy and late for church.  I'm trying to set a good example here, but it's hard. None of our investigators came to church Sunday, hopefully this week will be better.  We are trying to talk to people, but they keep shutting me down.  We are working hard and contacting people like crazy.
Also I need to get a waffle iron, I really need one.  Oh and my shoes are all crap, I'll figure something out don't worry.

It's back to the laundromat in this area.  Or wash my clothes in the sink...
We went to a park today, it was nice.  I'm doing great.  I'm back to speaking Spanish all the time since my new comp doesn't speak English of course.
I don't know what else to tell you, sorry about Kloe's Guinea Pig.  You could eat it, but you'd have to cook it right.  I guess I will go look for my waffle iron now, talk to you next week.
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 Week 41 Oriente Quiteno

HEY MOM!!!!! 
Well as you have guessed...yeah we had changes. I actually did pack most of my things in my bags....although not everything fit....It was still a nightmare but...So now I am in Vargas. It is in La Colon. It's where President is. Well almost. It is really close to his house. Not super close but closer. I am a little scared hahahaahhaha. Why would they move me here? Oh well. 
So I was studying the scriptures this week....like every other week...but I found a really great scripture in Isaias 55:8-9 which says 
 ¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my wayssaith the Lord.
 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Well I was reading your email mom and I feel really sad for the tragedies. It's very sad but, I was reading this scripture and it really hit me. I found this to tell my investigadors about the Book of Mormon and how God always has a plan, but I think it applies to this as well. I know that alot of people focus on their own understanding or their own thoughts but I really like what the Lord says. He knows that he is smart and everything he does is for a reason. It wouldn't make sense if the things of God were not of Order would it? I really don't think so. I know that we want to make up reasonings for every little thing but the ways of the Lord are on a different plane than we are. Everything he does is of a higher understanding. Everything he does is for our benefit and we may never understand why he does what he does. We can try to understand but we will never reach this plane of understanding until we are perfect in Heaven...how do you spell cielos? Well anyways I know that the Lord does everything according to his will and everything he does is for our benefit. Even though we do not understand. We don't need to understand. I have found a lot of people here in Ecuador that say, "Well we don't need Prophets in this day" Or "Well God will never give us another book" Well I really believe that if God wants to give us another book or 3 others or 5 others. I feel like we should accept these books becuase the Lord knows what is best for us. Also with what is happening at home I think the same. We need to be humble in order to really understand why these things are happening. Sometimes through humbleness we may find the mysteries of God. Especially if we look for them. But we also need to remember that our thoughts are not on the same level as the thoughts of God. I love you guys and hope you are all doing well.
Love Elder Rogers

This is my new Companion Elder Gil from Peru.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 2016 Week 40 Oriente Quiteno

Hello Family,

Well morale is a little low today, I broke my trompo. Threw it into a wall and it just exploded.  I felt a little sick last night again. I bought some street cologne today, smells nice.  Something super cool about Ecuador is that they can make custom clothing, real nice stuff.  I have been kind of cold here in this sector.  I have been in this sector a month already.
We had some good lessons this week, and had about five investigators come to church.
Well I had to buy some dog food for all the stray dogs here.  They are starving.  Some people feed them bread, but that seems more like duck food, so I got them some dog food.  I am only going to feed my favorites though.
We had interviews with the President, they came to the house, and talked to us.  My comp was a little sick a day last week.  We continue to work hard and are looking for people to teach.  All is well here!
No pictures sorry maybe next week gotta go
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 18, 2016 Week 39 Oriente Quiteno

Sorry about last week with the computers, but jeez mom back in the day they only had hand written letters and no photos like ever.  So you're pretty spoiled really.  We hiked back up the teleferico, it was pretty hot and a long day of riding busses and hiking.
So this week we went to a different computer place. These computers actually work, they are not full of viruses and the usb ports really work!
Another Earthquake, it felt pretty big, not as big as the first one back in Feb, but still pretty big! They just keep happening.  It's not like Wyoming for sure.
It's super windy here lately.  I am getting my clothes shrunk down today, I'm really impressed with the way the Ecuadorian people can sew stuff, they are professionals.
I was looking back at some of my pictures from the MTC, those were good times, I enjoyed it there, especially the food.  I'm getting a little sick of rice here, to be honest.
I know I don't write a lot of spiritual things, but I have had a lot of experiences here that have been real good for me.  We have had a lot of good lessons, and felt a lot of love for the people. I know you can't see it, but it's happening. I do love being a missionary and teaching people.  I mean we have ups and downs here too, it's life.  It's been a fantastic experience so far.  We just keep trying to work as hard as we can.  The success we have on our missions don't just include baptisms, we have to try and help strength the members and try and help them as much as we can.
There are a ton of hills in this sector, I am getting really good at walking up hill all day. I never thought I'd wear out shoes, but I have.

Here's me and Elder Adams

Here's my thinking acorn and a sea shell.
Love you guys, Elder Rogers