Sunday, August 20, 2017

August 7, 2017 Week 93 Quito, Manantial

Well I guess all is well here, just doing what we always do....  We have really been contacting pretty hard this week.  As always trying to find new people to teach.  We need some creative ideas to do so...  I'm not creative.

I also did a great job fixing up the area book, which is complete now.  So that's important. oh ya I got bit by a pittbull, while trying to jog with one of our friends.  He was just being playful.  I may die, so if you don't hear from me that's why.  Also I got a little sick this week, puked in the street and all over the place, bad news!!!  That was exciting.  I guess I have to go find the dog and make sure it has all its vaccinations.  Or else.....  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July 31, 2017 Week 92 Quito, Manantial

Hello Family,
How are you guys doing this week?
We had our first zone conference with the new President, and it was pretty good.  I enjoyed not having any practices, so that was nice, but probably we will next time.  We talked a lot about the spirit, and such, very good. He gave us this list about how you can tell when you are feeling the spirit and things maybe we do that make us not feel the spirit.
We all got new pillows so that was great.  It's been a good week, we had some good divisions.

I think I may look for some plaid shirts on p day.  Maybe that will be my new style and I need boots too.  I had to sew up my favorite shirt.  I think they will last a few more weeks.   We need to find more people to teach.  I really love the families we are helping now, they are all great people.  I just want to find more people to help.
Also I got my last haircut in the mission so that is something.  One of the members got me a plaid shirt, I love it.  It was so nice of them. I may have to pick up a couple more.  Anyway working hard still thanks for always writing.
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017 Week 91 Quito, Manantial

Well it's been a good week.  I had to teach some of the other missionaries about how to find people to teach, short notice.  I think it went well though, I shared some personal experiences, it was good.  I gotta tell you I enjoy seeing people being happy and learning the gospel, and trying to live it.
We cleaned the house real good this week, so I hope it stays clean for a little while.   Also had some more divisions this week.  I have been pretty tired.
We had an adventure this week teaching some people that one of our members wanted us to meet, they aren't too friendly to the church.  It was super interesting.  Went to his cousin and they want to be baptized.  Just an amazing time, lots of miracles.  There are a lot of people just right there that want to listen to us.  We are also trying to start a family home evening type group in one of our areas.
There's a nice scripture in Ether 12:36-37. It has helped me answer some questions I have had, and helped me not to be angry with people who don't want to listen I guess.
We do have some baptisms coming up in August so that is great, we are finding new investigators and that is what we are working for.
There was a special visitor from the quorum of the 70 on Sunday.  He spoke about not judging people and coming to church to grow closer to God, and applying stuff we learn in our lives.  He was pretty funny really. I enjoyed his talks.
Well we went up this nameless mountain today.  Here are some pictures.  We met a dog on the way, he decided to come with us for some reason.  I named him after a Ecuadorian warrior. (Atahualpa)

Well that's all for this week fam.
Love Elder Rogers

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 17, 2017 Week 90 Quito, Manantial

The most exciting thing this week was baptism day!!!  It was so great.  I'm very excited for these new members. I am going to miss these guys a lot when I leave.  There have been some miracles here, and it has been awesome.

Anyway, I have a talk to prepare for sacrament tomorrow.  So I will be sure to be getting on that soon.  Now we really need to get some new people to teach, we will continue with these guys as well, but it is just very exciting.  So were the scorpions I found in the font.  I cleaned them out before... don't worry.  Geez....
Here are some more pictures of various things we saw this week.

Also we did this service this week, this lady asked us to come help her move some dirt so we were like all right that will take about an hour.  When we show up we are moving a huge pile of dirt from the 5th floor to the bottom floor with 3 5 gallon buckets.  It took us 4.5 hours.  I was beat, my hands have blisters and are bleeding a little.  We tried to lower it down with a rope, but it kept breaking and it was a little dangerous for the people below us so...
Also happy bday to granny and dad!!
Love Elder Rogers

July 9 Utah

Kyleigh and I were able to go listen to President and Sister Christensen report on their mission to Ecuador in Utah this weekend.  They are amazing people and I appreciate them taking such good care of my son, these past months.  I also met the group of sisters Elder Rogers traveled with from the MTC to Ecuador and his trainer companion!!!  So many missionaries came to hear the report, and you can tell how loved President and Sister Christensen are.  Their daughter is pretty amazing too!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 10, 2017 Week 89 Quito, Manantial

Isn't it great that we live in a free country where we can worship whenever we want..  Happy birthday to America. It has been a good week here.  If I was there I would be lighting off fire works right and left.
Well this week I have been trying to cut my own shoe soles out of this tire.  Let's see if it works.  I tried once before, but it didn't work.
Well it has been a little bit stressful this week.  We are preparing for 5 people to get baptized and 5 other people are doing the baptizing.  So just trying to organize that is a lot of work.  It is going to be great though.  We had divisions this week, which were pretty good.
We found some new people this week, but no on was able to come to church Sunday.  We are hoping to find more people pretty soon.
Also something interesting just happened a little bit ago, our neighbors car got stolen, so that's weird.
My new shoe laces

Well Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

July 3, 2017 Week 88 Quito, Manantial

Well another week of training going on here.  No photos so sorry about that.  Also we had verifications this week, saying goodbye to President Christensen and Sister Christensen.  It was great to be able to say a real goodbye.  Sister Christensen did take a few photos, she always does at these meetings.  She is really good with that.  President spoke a bit and said some really cool things, he said we would never lose touch, because we are all brothers in the work and such.  Also about the stone being cut from the mountain, the work goes on, even though they are leaving. I have very high regard for President, he has taught me many things and I strive to be like him.  He is very dedicated to the work, I hope to be like that some day also.  I want to be of service to the Lord all my life, just like he has been.  He's just been a fantastic mission president.  Probably one of the greatest examples I have ever seen in my life.  The perfect example of magnifying your calling.  I got to see Elder Syndergaard and talk to him quite a bit at the meeting, and he is also training.  So it was great to see him and hear how he is doing.  Also President was giving away all his stuff, I got some great shoe laces.  Which was good because I needed new ones.  It was kind of sad to see them give away all their stuff that they don't need any more.

We had divisions also this week.  We had a little service, and helped some Hermanas move into a different house.  Our darn baptisms got moved to next week again.  It's a bit of a bummer, but that's ok.
I'm starting to wonder if these clothes are going to last the rest of my time here.  It's starting to get a little iffy.....
Tomorrow is the 4th of July Happy America!!  I like how lunch here is like only 2 dollars, it's a great deal. Had some meetings....

The old zone leader Elder Cox wrote to me, it was great to hear from him...  So I guess that is all for this week.  Later
Love, Elder Rogers

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June 26, 2017 Week 87 Quito, Manantial

Well my stomach has been hurting again a little lately, I thought I had it figured out, but I guess not.  I have started this new remedy of boiling oregano and then drinking the water.  Around here they just think if you boil coke and add some lemons to it, it will cure anything.  I haven't tried that yet, I might not.  My foot is feeling better though.  I did some capacitations again this week, the zone leaders came to watch.  I am trying to be a good leader and trainer here.  My companion was a little sick this week, so I read a lot of scriptures and talks.  I enjoy Alma, it's my favorite.  It tells about all the things the Lord has done for us, and we should always remember all the things he does.  People always turn wicked when they forget what the Lord has done for them personally.  It's hard to for some people to understand, that we need to be active in our salvation.  We need to change and try and live righteously.  Maybe I will be a Book of Mormon historian, it's such a great book really.  I love learning things from it.
Then I cleaned some of the house, and called all of our new investigators and contacted some other people.  Just everything I could do while stuck inside. It's important to be a good babysitter when your companion is sick, I gotta watch over him and such.
I'm not sure if I ever want to share a bathroom again with anyone, just a random thought.  Anyway all is well here. Having a great time.  Had a fun activity with the zone.

Well I guess I will write next week.
Love Elder Rogers

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 19, 2017 Week 86 Quito, Manantial

Hello Family,

There is so much to do....  We are doing well, getting to know my companion and such.  I have discovered he is a fan of Justin Bieber..... Also I like the new zone leader, Elder Gonzalas, He seems cool.  I've only talked to him once.
I'll tell you about this thing on my foot, it is a little concerning, maybe I'll send a picture later.  It is pretty swollen now, and hurts quite a bit.  It's interesting, we may have to amputate......  Still teaching our investigators.  Still getting ready for baptism, some got pushed back a few weeks. Satan works hard sometimes on making our plans harder.   We did find a new guy this week who is pretty cool, but he works a lot of Sundays so I'm not sure he can come to church.
Also made some no bake cookies, put a little root beer extract in there.  Not a bad idea.
We went bowling as a zone, it was fun.

Tell Granny that I am in fact getting my shoes fixed today, so no worries....  There's a guy that will patch the holes, if I had smaller feet I'd just buy new ones, but there are none in my size.  I think they will last the rest of the time here.  He's putting tires on them.  It's magic!!

It's a little lonely without Elder Astin, back to speaking Spanish all day.... Now I don't know if I'm speaking English or Spanish, I get all mixed up. There are some new Sisters in our zone too. Everything is going pretty well so we will keep up the work.
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017 Week 85 Quito, Manantial

Well this week was interesting.  We did a service project this week.  Building a house.  We got a bunch of sand and some concrete to make our own foundation.  That is how they do it here.  With a shovel and all by hand, no big cement trucks coming in.  20 buckets of sand and 20 buckets of little rocks to start this foundation.  Then we carry a cement mixture over all in buckets.  Pretty tough work.   It's hard to explain, but somehow it works out.  Then after that we went home to shower, to discover that the water was off again.  So we dumped some buckets of water we had saved from when there it rained on ourselves just to try and get off the concrete.  Luckily I have some old spice deodorant, so it's all good!!  We had some amazing food also.

It was funny, right after the whole concrete thing one of our investigators asked us to help her move a stove.  I was like, but I'm gonna die, but we are missionaries and we are doing service.  So that is what we did.  She wants to be baptized next month so that is great....
We have another baptism this month also.
Well changes were today and my new companion is from Columbia and is Elder De Leon.  Elder Astin is off to my old sector the hottest place on Earth.  Santo Domingo.  I'm sad to see the old guy go.   But at least he will be in my old stomping ground, seeing all my friends there.  The kids, my homies.  Here's the district before the split. Serious....

We saw President for the last time this week.  He is great, he gave us temple recommend holders. I will miss him.  Also had divisions this week, it's been very busy.  Sorry I don't really have more to say.  I'm just tired and busy.... 


Until next week Fam
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017 Week 84 Quito, Manantial

Happy bday Bean!!
How's everyone?  It has been a really good week, we had 9 investigators come to church, and several would like to be baptized, so we are so excited about that.  It has been a week of great things.  I got my other bday package, so thanks for that.  Cruel joke though... Any way, we had conferences with President this week, and it is his last one in the mission.  I am still trying to figure out how to be a good district leader.  We had a meeting about that and I learned a lot so that was also great.   We just meet a lot of new people and had some good visits and lessons.   This is a great area with some really great people and I love the ward.  It is going great.  Thanks for writing I will talk to you later
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017 Week 83 Quito, Manantial

Well the dogs are barking non stop as usual.. that's how you can tell its Ecuador I guess...  Still practicing the harmonica.  Rough week, a lot of people not being home and stuff.  Trouble cooking this week also, broke a bunch of eggs, kind of depressing.
I got a nice present from some kids for my bday, they gave me some candy, it was real nice of them.

Being 20 isn't really all it's cracked up to be.  It hasn't been the best week here, but things will get better.  I am sure of it.
I have come to believe the word of wisdom to be really important, I kind of wish more people would follow that.  I believe great things could happen if they would.
The shower is kind of working now.  We got it fixed, turns out it was like all the electrical was burned or something.  They also hung some old lady type stuff as doors, it reminds me of Grandma Pepsi.
Anyway sorry I have to go. Talk to you next week Love you
Love Elder Rogers

May 22, 2017 Week 82 Quito, Manantial

Happy Birthday to me!!

Well I am 20 today!!  I feel a lot wiser actually already.  I am in my early 20's so what ever advice I can give you, please try and listen.  Not right now, but maybe later.....  Thanks for the cards and such... I love my birthday cards.

We had interviews with President this week, I think they might be the last ones we have with him.  I am going to miss him, he has been a great President.  My comp and I are both feeling better finally.  It's cold here.  We got changes this week.  Elder Astin and I will be here for another three weeks.
We had some good visits this week.  Hopefully we get some Sunday attendance.  It's been a great week.  Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

May 15, 2017 Week 81 Quito Manantial

It was great to Skype yesterday, my last Skype call... Great week this week.  Feliz Cumpleanos Kloe!! Here are some pictures for ya...

The baptism was great, very exciting and a great day.  We cleaned the church up real nice first. It was my comps first baptism, so he was a little nervous, but mostly excited.
We did a bit of service this week, more painting of course...  It was very interesting.
We did a bit of sanding first.  Some other members came and just went to town with us.  Then they used a few machetes to scrape the walls.  It was a great service project.
I thought it was going to take forever, but it was great.  I'm still feeling a bit ill.  I'll pull through, don't worry.  Our investigators are doing well, good meetings with them this week.
We found out one of our investigators is very sick, and I feel really bad for her.  She is a single mom, and she really wants her kids to learn about the church.  I hope she will be ok.
I guess I'll tell you about the shortcut sometime.  It was not what I expected.  There was a little river, lots of mud, and a bunch of people calling us gringos.... Good times.... Any way until next week.
Love Elder Rogers

May 8, 2017 Week 80 Quito, Manantial

Well once again no water!!  Whatever....  We had a great appointment with one of our investigators, he feels good about baptism on May 20,  so that is awesome.  All-in-all a good week of staying busy.  Got a new zone leader, he's a good guy.  We had an activity this week, I got eaten alive by some bugs.  Played a little soccer also.
It's definitely a great ward here in this area, full of great people.  I think we can get a lot done here actually.
Cinco de Mayo here the 5th, made some burritos that day.  I had a couple days of not feeling too well this week, just achy and tired.  It's fine though.  We purchased some stuff from our window today, I'll tell you about that later.  I don't have any pics this week, but we are skypeing in a few days anyway, so I feel it creates more excitement this way.  We also made some more arepas with the Venezuelans.  They are awesome!! Anyway no pictures, oops, maybe next time.
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 1, 2017 Week 79 Quito, Manantial

This is me with Elder Hernandez

Well we did a little "living by candlelight" this week, just trying to figure out if we could be pioneers. One of our members had an emergency on Tuesday.  He called us in a panic and made us rush over, turns out he needed help with an English exam he was taking.  He really got us there on that one.  We did a little teaching and trying to find people.  Status update on our clothes, we did not get it all back from the lady who washes.  Hopefully that will change, cause I would like all my clothes.   We helped the upstairs neighbors build a bed, but their materials were a little flimsy, so I hope it doesn't break!!  We should also be having a baptism later this month, we are excited about that.  I am hoping it will go well and actually happen. We also went fishing this week, not as fun as Wyoming, but still a good time. They don't use rods just nets.   I am learning to play the harmonica still, it's going well. I had to do another lesson this week, it went very well.  It was about members.  President and his wife will be leaving soon, and we will have a new mission leader.  We had a kind of surprise conference with them this week.  It was fun.  Also I ran into a family that I taught in Riobamba, they are doing really well, and it was exciting to see them. I had been wondering about them.
More weird dreams, this time about open heart surgery.  Very strange.  We did a little jogging this week.  It almost killed me, it's so high here the air is too thin.  Anyway i guess we will skip pretty soon, so I will get the info about that by next week.  Don't worry Mom I'm on it.. Planning it...
Anyway talk to you next week.
Elder Rogers

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 24, 2017 Week 78 Quito Manantial

Status update on the water.  Or rather lack of water.  Sometimes when we have water we have no electricity.  And when we have electricity we have no water, and sometimes we have neither.  I've had some kind of crazy dreams lately.  We were at a family reunion.  Everyone was there.  It was cool.
We worked really hard this week.  We saw some miracles happen.  Quite a few people came to church, so that was great.  It's very exciting when new people come to church.  Just random things.  We found a few new families to teach actually.  We also got to speak to one of the apostles this week, very cool experience.  Also divisions this week with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder Cox, I really like him a lot, he's a good guy.
I'm also practicing some hymns on the harmonica.  They are coming along.  My comp is getting eaten by bugs, but they aren't touching me.  There was a brawl in the street that we witnessed.  A couple guys not getting along too well.  Never a dull moment here.
Sorry no pictures this week.  We may go bowling next week with another district. We will see.  I guess not much else is happening. I will write more next week.
Love Elder Rogers

April 17, 2017 Week 77 Quito Manantial

Well we are currently without water.  I had to shower with 5 liters of water that I found in the house.  It has probably been stored here for about 12 years.  We are not sure why there is no water, we may launch a protest if this continues.
I gave a lesson in a big meeting this week.  I have to say I did alright.  I made it through it anyway. First week of district leader hasn't been super bad.  I do need a few lessons in what I should be doing I guess.  I'll just do my best at lifting people up and such.  Until someone tells me I am doing it wrong.  The Hermanas in our district are really hard workers, they are pretty awesome. I think they think I'm a little dumb, but that's alright.  I'll figure it out eventually.
We haven't had the opportunity to teach anyone yet.  We are just contacting people.  I'm really exited about this sector though I think it's going to be great.  I got a little sick this week for a couple days, my stomach was not my friend.  Anyway that is feeling better.  I just need to say this sector is waaaaay colder than Santo Domingo, and there are a lot of buses.  We take buses everywhere.   We did some service this week for a family who wanted to make their house bigger.  We had to move all these bricks, so we were tossing them to each other we had a system going.  It was pretty good.

This is what Easter looks like here.  They kind of do these reenactments.

I opened my Easter cards that I have been carrying around for 18 months.  Thanks Granny and Mom for those.  I love juicy fruit!  I guess when you packed these you didn't realize it would be two years before Elder Rogers opened it, I'm just saying you could have written a few more words, but I like what you wrote, so thanks everyone. Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 10, 2017 Week 76 Santo Domingo-Quito

Well it's been a busy week here. It's been a bit hard for me this week honestly.  I do keep thinking about Grandpa Ray.  We have been writing my whole mission, and I was really looking forward to visiting him in Boise and Margaret teaching me to play the piano.  Everything happens so fast I guess.  It does make you just want to spend time with your family.
Anyway in other news, the laundry lady folded my socks this week.  I loved it, because I seriously hate to fold socks!! It couldn't get any better than that! I also got transferred to Quito, Turubamba, there is a massive mountain there.  My new companion is Elder Astin and here is the view from our apartment.

So all of the Hermanas that I traveled here with are heading home this week. I guess I'll stay here and hold down the fort.  I suppose that means I have hit a milestone 18 months!!  I got really sick this week for a couple days, I had a bad fever and it was horrible.  Also, I was made district leader, super nervous about that.  We had divisions this week.  I had a good talk with another Elder who lost his Grandmother a few months ago. We contacted a lot of people, so that was pretty good.  Everything is going well.  Don't worry. I will talk to you next week.
Love Elder Rogers