Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017 Week 91 Quito, Manantial

Well it's been a good week.  I had to teach some of the other missionaries about how to find people to teach, short notice.  I think it went well though, I shared some personal experiences, it was good.  I gotta tell you I enjoy seeing people being happy and learning the gospel, and trying to live it.
We cleaned the house real good this week, so I hope it stays clean for a little while.   Also had some more divisions this week.  I have been pretty tired.
We had an adventure this week teaching some people that one of our members wanted us to meet, they aren't too friendly to the church.  It was super interesting.  Went to his cousin and they want to be baptized.  Just an amazing time, lots of miracles.  There are a lot of people just right there that want to listen to us.  We are also trying to start a family home evening type group in one of our areas.
There's a nice scripture in Ether 12:36-37. It has helped me answer some questions I have had, and helped me not to be angry with people who don't want to listen I guess.
We do have some baptisms coming up in August so that is great, we are finding new investigators and that is what we are working for.
There was a special visitor from the quorum of the 70 on Sunday.  He spoke about not judging people and coming to church to grow closer to God, and applying stuff we learn in our lives.  He was pretty funny really. I enjoyed his talks.
Well we went up this nameless mountain today.  Here are some pictures.  We met a dog on the way, he decided to come with us for some reason.  I named him after a Ecuadorian warrior. (Atahualpa)

Well that's all for this week fam.
Love Elder Rogers

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 17, 2017 Week 90 Quito, Manantial

The most exciting thing this week was baptism day!!!  It was so great.  I'm very excited for these new members. I am going to miss these guys a lot when I leave.  There have been some miracles here, and it has been awesome.

Anyway, I have a talk to prepare for sacrament tomorrow.  So I will be sure to be getting on that soon.  Now we really need to get some new people to teach, we will continue with these guys as well, but it is just very exciting.  So were the scorpions I found in the font.  I cleaned them out before... don't worry.  Geez....
Here are some more pictures of various things we saw this week.

Also we did this service this week, this lady asked us to come help her move some dirt so we were like all right that will take about an hour.  When we show up we are moving a huge pile of dirt from the 5th floor to the bottom floor with 3 5 gallon buckets.  It took us 4.5 hours.  I was beat, my hands have blisters and are bleeding a little.  We tried to lower it down with a rope, but it kept breaking and it was a little dangerous for the people below us so...
Also happy bday to granny and dad!!
Love Elder Rogers

July 9 Utah

Kyleigh and I were able to go listen to President and Sister Christensen report on their mission to Ecuador in Utah this weekend.  They are amazing people and I appreciate them taking such good care of my son, these past months.  I also met the group of sisters Elder Rogers traveled with from the MTC to Ecuador and his trainer companion!!!  So many missionaries came to hear the report, and you can tell how loved President and Sister Christensen are.  Their daughter is pretty amazing too!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 10, 2017 Week 89 Quito, Manantial

Isn't it great that we live in a free country where we can worship whenever we want..  Happy birthday to America. It has been a good week here.  If I was there I would be lighting off fire works right and left.
Well this week I have been trying to cut my own shoe soles out of this tire.  Let's see if it works.  I tried once before, but it didn't work.
Well it has been a little bit stressful this week.  We are preparing for 5 people to get baptized and 5 other people are doing the baptizing.  So just trying to organize that is a lot of work.  It is going to be great though.  We had divisions this week, which were pretty good.
We found some new people this week, but no on was able to come to church Sunday.  We are hoping to find more people pretty soon.
Also something interesting just happened a little bit ago, our neighbors car got stolen, so that's weird.
My new shoe laces

Well Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

July 3, 2017 Week 88 Quito, Manantial

Well another week of training going on here.  No photos so sorry about that.  Also we had verifications this week, saying goodbye to President Christensen and Sister Christensen.  It was great to be able to say a real goodbye.  Sister Christensen did take a few photos, she always does at these meetings.  She is really good with that.  President spoke a bit and said some really cool things, he said we would never lose touch, because we are all brothers in the work and such.  Also about the stone being cut from the mountain, the work goes on, even though they are leaving. I have very high regard for President, he has taught me many things and I strive to be like him.  He is very dedicated to the work, I hope to be like that some day also.  I want to be of service to the Lord all my life, just like he has been.  He's just been a fantastic mission president.  Probably one of the greatest examples I have ever seen in my life.  The perfect example of magnifying your calling.  I got to see Elder Syndergaard and talk to him quite a bit at the meeting, and he is also training.  So it was great to see him and hear how he is doing.  Also President was giving away all his stuff, I got some great shoe laces.  Which was good because I needed new ones.  It was kind of sad to see them give away all their stuff that they don't need any more.

We had divisions also this week.  We had a little service, and helped some Hermanas move into a different house.  Our darn baptisms got moved to next week again.  It's a bit of a bummer, but that's ok.
I'm starting to wonder if these clothes are going to last the rest of my time here.  It's starting to get a little iffy.....
Tomorrow is the 4th of July Happy America!!  I like how lunch here is like only 2 dollars, it's a great deal. Had some meetings....

The old zone leader Elder Cox wrote to me, it was great to hear from him...  So I guess that is all for this week.  Later
Love, Elder Rogers

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June 26, 2017 Week 87 Quito, Manantial

Well my stomach has been hurting again a little lately, I thought I had it figured out, but I guess not.  I have started this new remedy of boiling oregano and then drinking the water.  Around here they just think if you boil coke and add some lemons to it, it will cure anything.  I haven't tried that yet, I might not.  My foot is feeling better though.  I did some capacitations again this week, the zone leaders came to watch.  I am trying to be a good leader and trainer here.  My companion was a little sick this week, so I read a lot of scriptures and talks.  I enjoy Alma, it's my favorite.  It tells about all the things the Lord has done for us, and we should always remember all the things he does.  People always turn wicked when they forget what the Lord has done for them personally.  It's hard to for some people to understand, that we need to be active in our salvation.  We need to change and try and live righteously.  Maybe I will be a Book of Mormon historian, it's such a great book really.  I love learning things from it.
Then I cleaned some of the house, and called all of our new investigators and contacted some other people.  Just everything I could do while stuck inside. It's important to be a good babysitter when your companion is sick, I gotta watch over him and such.
I'm not sure if I ever want to share a bathroom again with anyone, just a random thought.  Anyway all is well here. Having a great time.  Had a fun activity with the zone.

Well I guess I will write next week.
Love Elder Rogers