Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016 Week 14 Riobamba

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 Week 13 Riobamba

 This week we were sick on Monday and Tuesday we tried to go and teach lessons but me and my companion were really sick so we called the nurse guy and he said we could rest so we went home and slept at like 5. After that we were almost ok. We have these fruits here in Ecuador called Pitahaya and it is a fruit that only grows in Ecuador and all it does is cleans out your stomach...You are only supposed to eat 2 of them but me and my companion ate 4 each....Kind of a bad idea...My companion was dying for a few days after that but I was fine somehow...I thought it would help me but it didnt do anything. I will have to send some pictures of that. 

 Anyways So the other days we were just kind of recovering from being sick but everybody always wants you to go to the hospital for some reason. So they always tell us to go and get a shot at the hospital but we are not allowed to because nothing is regulated here and stuff. So we haven't gone to the hospital yet despite the best efforts of all the people here. Anyways I think we are fine now but my companion has pink eye now for some reason... Anyways we are in bad shape over here and the country is trying to kill us. Thats ok though. 

I just found out that Riobamba is 9000 feet above sea level. I am glad that I was use to 7500 feet in Wyoming but we are higher over here. I guess Chimborazo is super tall and we are right next to it so that is really cool. I guess mt Chimborazo is 20,500ft So it is really high. I wonder what the highest mountain in the states is. Anyways I wonder if I will ever get to climb Chimborazo.

Anyways then today we went shopping and I got some stuff but everything that I needed was freaking expensive here. Like I needed some sticky note page markers and they were 7 freaking dollars and then the scripture markers I got were another 7 dollars. I dont know if I will make it through this week mom....I might die. But food here is super cheap and we have some members that give us food and stuff so were fine. We also can't buy stuff on sunday right. So we went to a less active member and she owns a restaurant so we asked her if we could just pay her tomorrow and shes like "Yeah sure" So we just did that and it was awesome. I really want to watch The lord of the rings right now... I guess I will have to wait unless I see it on somewhere. What else is going on mom? We are still trying to have progressing investigators but nobody cares right now... 

Carnival also started the other day and now for the next month we have to watch out for little kids and adults throwing water balloons and everything off the roofs. We almost got hit the other day. Oh well we just have to watch ourselves. I might have to hand wash my socks this week because I have to pay for the washing machines and stuff. Anyways mom That is what is happening now. I cant sleep at night anymore for some reason and I have a lot of bug bites.... I dont know what is going on. 

My first haircut

Also mom the girls and the men kiss each other on the cheeks all the time and we had this investigator try and kiss me on the face and I didnt know what to do so I just started to back away and I started to freak out and shes like "Que Esta haciendo" like what are you doing? and I am just like oh Perdon porque yo no puedo and shes just like "ok...." hahahahahaha it was the funniest thing and I was just like well sorry. It is just like somebody coming up and shaking your hand but they wont do it. So she was really embarassed and it was funny. 

Soon I will probably have to give a talk but not yet. I think I am ready for a talk but I am still nervous in front of everyone. Ok I gotta go mom but it was nice speaking to you. Enjoy my pictures..LOVE YOU GUYS

Love Elder Rogers

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 Week 12 Riobamba

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 Week 11 Riobamba