Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 6, 2017 Week 71 Santo Domingo

 It's a sad day today, I lost my flash drive.... I left it in the cyber, they say that haven't seen one..  Whatever I guess.  I lost a bunch of pictures and my music and stuff.  We had to stay in the house two days this week, because of carnival, but nothing is really happening.  In Riobamba it was like war outside, water balloons everywhere, crazy stuff.. Anyway not so much here.  We did a service here on a farm again, just moving some wood piles and stuff.  I started a fire, a sanctioned fire mind you.  They killed a pig and cooked it up.  It didn't really taste like pig, it tasted more like chicken.  Milked a few cows, we didn't, but they did. Also a little birthday celebration.
We helped another guy chop some coconuts this week too.  Not the kinds you think, these are green.  I don't really love coconut water, but I did drink a lot of it that day.

It is raining super hard again this week.  The slug farm is doing well, they don't do much.  Sadly we have not met any new investigators lately, we have met some new people.   Here's a pic of my new comp too.
We are doing pretty good.  We did teach a few lessons to some of the people Elder Brown and I had found.  He breeds chickens. 
I did miss church on Sunday, because I had to stay with a sick Elder Reece, he was pretty bad off that day.  It was a little boring, he was sleeping most of the day.  I have decided I like doing things, not just sitting around.  I like being busy.  Well I'll talk to you guys later
Love, Elder Rogers

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

February 27, 2017 Week 70 Santo Domingo

Hello Family,

How's your week?  Good here, raining again.  It has been really raining, we get soaking wet a lot.. It's like rivers in the streets.   We went to check on our new investigator, he lives like 40 minutes away, and got caught in the downpour.  It's like flash flood sometimes here. We finally get to his house, and he wasn't home!!   Then on the way home, we saw this poor lady trying to get all this water out of her house, she only had one bucket.  Anyway we were bailing water out of her house, we found this other garbage can and really went to town.  She had a broom and we had the buckets, water was seriously about up to my kneecaps.  It was so flooded.  Good deeds, thank you....
My stomach hurts a little again, I don't know why.  For breakfast I only had some scrambled eggs, and toast, and then some cereal, and a few oreos.  Maybe it was the potatoes and onions I made after that.  hmmm...  
We did a service this week.  We got on a bus to go and then we all feel asleep and missed our bus stop by a couple miles.  So we had to walk back to our spot.  This guy came to pick us up in the oldest truck you've ever seen.  It has a machete for a door handle, and had at least 400,000 miles on it.  Drove up a mountain to a dairy farm.  It was crazy up there.  Mud everywhere, chickens, this weird fruit and a distillery etc..

I macheted a lot of weeds and such, and they had some really great food, the chicken was amazing.  I nearly blew my stomach right open, and it was so worth it.  It was a really good time actually.  They wouldn't let us milk the cow, because the cow didn't know us. 
Changes also this week, Elder Brown is off to Vargas.  Team three is getting split up.... I will miss Elder Brown, he is a good guy, great missionary, great companion. 
Elder Alanoka will be my new companion. He is from Bolivia I think.  Back to speaking spanish all day long.
I hung out with Elder Jones a little bit, ran a few errands and such.  Saw Elder Gill for a second.  He helped me with a miracle for Roque, which was nice.  We made a new sauna, it worked pretty darn good.  I've got an idea for the house, you guys should build a sauna.  If you ever get that deck going...
It wouldn't take that much space or money really, so think about that for a while. 
Love Elder Rogers