Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 26, 2016 Week 62 Tarqui, Chillogallo

Merry Christmas!!

Well a strange thing happened this week, I got changed to Santa Domingo on Thursday.  I thought I would stay in Tarqui for a long time, but no dice.  I really liked it there, it's was awesome sector, and the ward was great.  It is sooooo hot here in Santa Domingo.... Like really hot, humid actually.  I may die...  My clothes are really just sticking to me.  It is pretty flat here, not as many steps and mountains.  I am way west of where I was before.  It's pretty stressful to pack all the time by the way.
Elder Brown is my new companion.  I am training again.  The house is pretty good.  Someone took my pillow, so I will have to get another one.

We had like three lessons just today, it was awesome.  I think there are a couple baptisms coming up this weekend.  So that will be good.
Thanks for all the Christmas presents.  They are all real nice.   I was pretty good at the guessing game.
My stomach has been hurting again for a few days, I think I should avoid onions at all costs.
We had our district meetings.  They fed us some great food.  Turkey, and stuffing, and real mashed potatoes with gravy.  It was real good.
We also did some service today.  So things are going well here.  I guess that is all for now.  Until next week
Love Elder Rogers

Friday, December 23, 2016

December 19, 2016 Week 61 Tarqui, Chillogallo

Hey there family,

I got my package mom, I don't know if I was supposed to wait till Christmas, but it didn't specifically say so of course I opened it.  WOW a mini waffle maker, I had no idea they made those, I love it!! I haven't had a waffle in 13 months, and it really hits the spot!! Thank you guys.

Well this week we have been working really hard to find new people. Also we had divisions with the zone leaders and district leader. We basically change companions for the day. It's good most of the time and you learn a lot. So we did that for two days so there was'
t too much done in our own sector because we went to the sector of the zone leaders. So that is always sad. But we did work super hard and found a few people to start teaching. Sadly nobody came to church either so we are a little lost on what to do. We are not discouraged though. This sector is fantastic and we know we are going to have more success here. So we are doing great. I am also feeling a little better. I think its all the rain that we have in Quito. Its alot. But we are doing well.

I'm not sure where we will Skype from but we will be doing that on Sunday.  We found this pretty cool park in the middle of no where.

I am doing good talk to you guys on Sunday.
Love Elder Rogers

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 12, 2016, Week 60 Tarqui, Chillogallo

Hey family,
My new companion is Elder Choque.

The new area is pretty great.  The church is two stories high, and the members are pretty awesome.  They are just super happy people.  We have made a few new contacts, and have taught a few lessons this week.  I got a little sick earlier this week, just a cold i think.  Don't panic.  We cleaned the house real good.  I got a bunch of bleach and sprayed the whole bathroom down, but then it reminded me of the swimming pool.  I didn't realize how much I missed swim practice and the pool!!   It's killing me.... In other news, I finally found a Wyoming quarter, after 13 months here. I know you guys don't think that is super exciting, but I guess you haven't been here in Ecuador for over a year...

It's kind of cool how I can speak Spanish now, except in the mornings when I first wake up....
Anyway have a good week
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016 Week 59 Vargas, La Colon

Hey Family,

Well what a wonderful week!  There have been changes and I am now going to a placed called Tarqui... It's in Chillogallo.  I am in a new house....hmm... it's interesting there. I am pretty excited to be here.  I am in Quito still of course still the city. It is a little flatter, which I'm happy about.  Also still in the mountains, rainy and cold, a bit south of where I was before.
We had a devotional this week, we wore santa hats, and lit candles, and did a little singing in a park.  Some people came to talk to us and take our pictures and stuff.  Contacted a bunch of people.  I ran into a family I really liked again from Solonda, it was great to see them.  They learned to speak English from the disney movies they say..hahaha.  I tried to make some chicken, it didn't turn out too good, I think it must have been the chickens fault.
We opened a couple of our packages, thanks mom.  There is zero point zero inches of snow here.  I see you are getting some there.  Good for you, we will not be getting any here.
I am with Elder Choque now, he is from Peru.  I better go, talk to you next week.
Love Elder Rogers