Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015 Week 10 Riobamba

So that was really fun to be able to skype you guys. I really miss everybody. As fun as living in a different country is I sometimes would prefer being home but I guess a mission wasn't supposed to be easy. Maybe some day I will not want to go home but for the past 2 and a half months I have been homesick.  I guess I didn't really know what to expect. The real world is worse than I thought and especially being around people that you do not know. I am still having a hard time to adjusting to everything. 

At this point in time I would much rather be in Wyoming than anywhere else. I miss Wyoming but there is still adventure to be had here.

I love teaching people and helping them get closer to God but it is still hard. I have been reading those Christ books we got and they are really great actually. I have been studying a lot and trying to focus on missionary work but it is still hard when you have free time. When you have a few minutes and you start to think about your house then it makes me want to go home. Maybe someday I wont feel like that but I have always loved home so I might never not want to go home. 

Anyways so this week was awesome and the baptism was awesome. The water was freezing because the church had no propane.....I will send pictures. 

We just got done playing a bunch of Fútbol at this really weird park. There is this massive park that is in a canyon, I got some pictures I will send. 
It is super sunny here and I got sunburnt. We also cooked some food today in the canyon thing. We had a terrible time getting it started. (They dont have flint and steel here) But we finally got some charcoal (just black wood) and got it started. We cooked some hotdogs and burgers but the meat here is weird. I hope I don't die...then we just played a bunch of games as a zone...I forgot to get a picture....whoops. I am practicing my soccer skills so me and munch can play together later.

Ummm I dont really know what else has happened. We had 0 investigators show up for church on Sunday...Kind of disappointing because that is kind of our main thing. I guess they just dont want to go. I bought some yogurt and milk the other day. The yogurt is like water here and it all comes in bags, the same as the milk. I have been studying a lot. Reading a lot and stuff.   

So yesterday after church we went home to change into our short sleeve clothes because it was super hot. We were going to study and eat a snack before our lunch appointment at 2:30. All of a sudden! When we didnt think we would be busy that day! WE got a call from another missionary saying that this guy went to their church and he is in our sector....So of course we call this guy and ask him what time we could visit. He said that he had been here in Riobamba for a few days and all he owned was a bed to sleep on. So we got him some Coke a cola and went to his little house that he has. All he had was a bed and a pamphlet that some sister missionaries in Santo Domingo had given him. I guess he has gone to church twice in Santo Domingo and once here. He just barely moved here. All he has are some clothes, a bed, and the lesson one pamphelt. I thought it was super cool because he thought it would be important to bring the pamphlet? I thought it was really weird. And all he has been taught is lesson 1 but he goes to church every week. So we taught him lesson 3 and gave him a book of Mormon. Oh and he says he is Catholic. He took the Book of Mormon and was really really interested in it.  I don't even know his name....He's awesome though. He just doesn't know when he is ready for baptism. He was asking if there are qualifications for it and were just like...well kind of but you already qualify 100 por ciento. He is worried about if he is ready for it. But I am sure he is ready for it. Anyways so he is super cool and really wants to get baptized so we are going to Baptize him next week. I gotta go!  Here's a couple Christmas photos.
Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015 Week 9 Riobamba

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015 Week 8 Riobamba

Hey mom,
We usually just teach people all day everyday but then on Friday we traveled to Quito on a bus for 5 hours and then we went to Presidents house and had a dinner thing and played some games, I asked Sister Christensen to tag you in some photos for your enjoyment. Then that night we went all the way home and just went to church yesterday. 

It is fun here but it is nothing like home and I just want to go home but everybody says to wait a month and then I wont want to go home anymore. It is really hard. I am having kind of a hard time with spanish because I still cant understand anybody and it is really frustrating and I just dont want to have to deal with this. 

We dont do a lot of cooking because we just buy the cheap food here. 
They have some restaurants. They dont really have houses here unless the people are rich. We have a laundromat here so we just do our laundry there. There is mostly just little food hut things that we eat at. We went to this area in the mountains where the Quichuas live and it was funny because they are indian people. It is super fun doing what you want to do. I am stressing a lot about the people never responding after we talk to them. They never answer their phones and it is really hard for me. I am baptizing a 21 year old lady on the 26th of this month so that will be fun. 

Anyways I like it here but get homesick a lot. There is no snow here and it just feels like summer. I might buy a suit.. I hope everything is going really great there mom. This place is scary and theres a lot of stuff that goes on. I am trying to send pictures but this computer is dumb. 

I love hearing about home because Ecuador is crazy. 
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 7, 2015 Week 7 Riobamba

Hey mom! 
It is 4pm here so I just got done taking a nap. The keyboards here are really weird so i cant really use capitals because it is too hard. So monday we flew from slc to atlanta, which was cool. Then we went from there to ecuador which took 5 hours and i thought i was going to die because it was so long of a flight. everybody on the plane spoke spanish so I had no idea what was going on. I still cant speak spanish so it is really hard to talk to anybody or understand them.  So we got here around 12 at night and got to the apartment and went to sleep. 

We woke up at 6:30 and started doing stuff really boring. I hung out with the other missionaries until the other elderes showed up. They got to Quito around noon so we went and saw them. After that we ate and then that day was over and we went to sleep again. 

Wednesday morning we had to get up and drag our luggage all around the streets of Quito until we got to the church. Then we went to do some visa stuff which took 3 hours and we met a lot of people and got their numbers and now they are being taught I think. 

Anyways so we went back to the church to receive our training companions. My companions name is Elder Anderson and he is a gringo. I thought i would get a native companion but I am glad I got a trainer who speaks English. 

Anyways so after we got our companions for the next 6 or 12 weeks then we went back to our house with my luggage and went to sleep. The next morning we woke up at 6 and got ready to leave for Riobamba which is my first area that I will be serving in. We had to take our luggage on public buses and the buses only stop for about 1 second then they are gone again. So we had to watch all of my stuff because the people here are really good at pickpocketing. So I watched my stuff and we rode that bus for an hour and then we got to the other bus terminal and took my stuff and put it under the bus so nobody would steal it.

Then we rode that bus for 5 hours until we got to Riobamba. So far I like Riobamba so much better than Quito because it is so small and the people are nice. There is so much trash and poverty here and the people we teach live in alleys and stuff. It kinda sucks and everybody laughs at my spanish. The little kids laugh at me and run away when I tell them I am from Los Estados Unidos. The people are awesome. 

I am too tall for this country. Everything I ride in is too small and all the shops I have to duck under. Anyways so i got here and we started to pass by some non active people. I guess everybody here is inactive. We stopped by their houses and visited some investigators. We contacted like 20 people the other day but none of them called us or answered their phones so that kind of sucks. We have a cooking family that makes us lunch everyday. We have four people in our district, my companion and me and two hermanas. 
The people here breastfeed and pee wherever they want. I have seen so many people doing both of those things wherever. I also saw a few robberies in the middle of the day. We were walking one day and saw some men whispering while shutting a car trunk so I don't know what happened there but it was scary and then we saw some guy sprinting to his friends car from an alley and start yelling at him to drive. So that was new. We don´t have any progressing investigators , we are trying though so thats all that matters  I guess. Church yesterday was fun I had to stand up and introduce myself and everybody is super nice in church and a lot of them understand some english so that is cool.  I guess around 2 I will always email you. Love you guys 
Love Elder Rogers

December 1, 2015 Week 6 Quito

With our love and gratitude,
President and Sister Roger G. Christensen

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nov 30, 2015 Week 6 Quito