Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016 Week 58 Vargas, La Colon

Well Hi Family,

All is well here in Ecuador.  Lots of stuff going on this week.  No new people to teach, but we have talked to a lot of people.  We had an activity this week, played football "soccer" at the church, which I enjoy playing and I am getting better at it, but still not super good.  Three gringos against all the natives.... hmm... let's just say our team was not the best....
I also had to renew my visa so I got to see the whole group that I came in with, because of course they were renewing as well. We chatted a bit, it was nice to see them all.  
Hey ask Grandma how to make refried beans taste better, I'm tired of making burritos with just these refried beans, maybe we just need some ground beef and sour cream.  I'm not sure that even exists here.  I'll check.
Happy Thanksgiving!! No one even mentioned it here of course.  I found some sweet potatoes to make.  We don't have an oven, so I boiled them..  worst idea ever... I had to throw them out, they were terrible.
Oh I got the Christmas package, thanks so much.  I love the smell of the pine forest!!! I miss that smell... I'm glad Santa did not forget me, even though I am in Ecuador.

Talk to you next week
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016 Week 57 Vargas, La Colon

Hey Everyone,

How has your week been?  Our week was pretty good. We had a few appointments, and maybe even have a couple people that want to get baptized in December!   I guess we will see.  It's important for them to attend church and what not, some times that is hard here.  We had some activities today as well, they were pretty fun.  We also had some meetings and such.  Loads of fun.
Also Zone Conference

They may organize another branch here, I'm gonna volunteer to be Branch President. I think we may need more members first, so we will work on that. Hahaha

Well everybody says it is winter here but I really don't think so. It hasn't gotten colder at all. The people seem to think it has though. I think they just want to talk about something different. The weather is actually really boring. The people here like to say that Quito weather is "The worst in the world" But I always just agree with them to avoid any arguments. It's interesting actually. If they went to Wyoming in the winter they would definitely die...They think that 60 degrees is FREEZING! Its really funny. 

Anyways. So for thanksgiving I haven't heard anybody talk about it. I don't think it happens down here. I am not too sure. I will miss the sweet potatoes...
Oh Well next year!! 
Well I guess I will talk to you next week.

Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 14, 2016 Week 56 Vargas, La Colon

Hey Mom,

How was your week?  We had a good one here!! We went all the way to the top of teleferico today!! It took a couple hours just to hike, and we saw some other Americans at the top!

We met some really awesome people, and they are pretty excited about what we are teaching, so that is just great!!  We talked to about 30 people in one day.  It's been pretty hard in this sector.. not gonna lie... so this was a big deal.
We took our blankets to the washing rock today, they are super heavy when they are wet.  It was horrible.... Super exciting morning.  Had some oatmeal.
The shoes I brought from home are pretty terrible, that guy at the shoe store was a liar.  He doesn't know what it takes to walk everyday all day.  Elder Shaeper actually left a pretty decent pair that I have worn completely out too.  So that has been a problem... note to self..... or your other missionary children.
We did a service project this week also, it was pretty good.  We were helping move this whole house, including fridge, stove, washer, and other big stuff.  They don't pack it in their truck the way Gramps says to.
I went on divisions with Elder Taylor, which was good. Also had zone meetings, we had to present.
Buttermilk pancake fail!!  I did not have all the ingredients, really didn't think they were that important.  maybe they are??? Cooking is an adventure here.  I'm kind of sick of rice truthfully.... Trying to make something without rice...  Honestly I think cooking in the states is easier, mostly because mom did it all, and I just went upstairs and ate it.. or dads pancakes I ate those too... they seemed fine, easy to make.... hmmmm.......  and camping food was always good, what's wrong here??
It has been raining still here, I need a new umbrella for sure.  Rivers in the streets....
Well I guess I will talk to you next week
Love Elder Rogers

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 7, Week 55 Vargas, La Colon

Hello Family,
How is everyone this week?  Well here we are again, on Monday... P day... the most exciting day of the week.  Just reading everyones letters.  Hey, do you think it will work the same if I use leather polish for car seats on my shoes?  I don't see why not.
We have met some people, and are teaching some people.  There have been a lot of our people on vacation this week, so we will catch them next week I hope.  We did really good this week though.
The potatoes turn the water green here, when you boil them.  I guess that's what you get for not buying Idaho Spuds.  
I opened my Halloween cards, thanks for those, I especially like the apple cider packets!!  I miss apple cider, it smells so good.  They don't have that here, well they do but it is super expensive. So we are drinking it for breakfast tomorrow!!  I can't wait.
They gave me and my companion some things to translate, I guess because they are in English and we are gringos.... so.....  No pictures this week sorry mom.  I've been feeling pretty good, no worries mom, I'm just super tired.  Talk to you guys later!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 31, 2016 Week 54 Vargas, La Colon

Happy Halloween family,
Well I had a weird dream last night, that I meet mom in walmart.  She was just shopping in Ecuador, but there is no walmart in Ecuador, and when I asked her why she was here she said just touring through South America.  I asked her why she didn't tell me, she said she forgot about me..... Explain that please....
We have been pretty good this week.  My stomach has hurt a little.  My companion says I eat too fast, it's a skill I have I guess.  We have taught a few good lessons this week too.  We found some new people as well.  We have this interesting guy we are teaching, who tells a story about when he was hit by a taxi and an angel saved him from being killed, even though he did get ran over.. it's pretty amazing.
I've decided I need a pit bull.  These people we teach have one, and he is super cute.

It's weird that they are super concerned about American politics here, they always want to talk about who we are voting for.

We also learned how to make arepas fritas from this really nice family.  They may come to the states, I told them they could stay with you guys, maybe they won't come until I am home. Then I could translate for you.
We worked super hard this week and no one came to church this Sunday!! Man it's tough.