Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 2016 Week 40 Oriente Quiteno

Hello Family,

Well morale is a little low today, I broke my trompo. Threw it into a wall and it just exploded.  I felt a little sick last night again. I bought some street cologne today, smells nice.  Something super cool about Ecuador is that they can make custom clothing, real nice stuff.  I have been kind of cold here in this sector.  I have been in this sector a month already.
We had some good lessons this week, and had about five investigators come to church.
Well I had to buy some dog food for all the stray dogs here.  They are starving.  Some people feed them bread, but that seems more like duck food, so I got them some dog food.  I am only going to feed my favorites though.
We had interviews with the President, they came to the house, and talked to us.  My comp was a little sick a day last week.  We continue to work hard and are looking for people to teach.  All is well here!
No pictures sorry maybe next week gotta go
Love Elder Rogers

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 18, 2016 Week 39 Oriente Quiteno

Sorry about last week with the computers, but jeez mom back in the day they only had hand written letters and no photos like ever.  So you're pretty spoiled really.  We hiked back up the teleferico, it was pretty hot and a long day of riding busses and hiking.
So this week we went to a different computer place. These computers actually work, they are not full of viruses and the usb ports really work!
Another Earthquake, it felt pretty big, not as big as the first one back in Feb, but still pretty big! They just keep happening.  It's not like Wyoming for sure.
It's super windy here lately.  I am getting my clothes shrunk down today, I'm really impressed with the way the Ecuadorian people can sew stuff, they are professionals.
I was looking back at some of my pictures from the MTC, those were good times, I enjoyed it there, especially the food.  I'm getting a little sick of rice here, to be honest.
I know I don't write a lot of spiritual things, but I have had a lot of experiences here that have been real good for me.  We have had a lot of good lessons, and felt a lot of love for the people. I know you can't see it, but it's happening. I do love being a missionary and teaching people.  I mean we have ups and downs here too, it's life.  It's been a fantastic experience so far.  We just keep trying to work as hard as we can.  The success we have on our missions don't just include baptisms, we have to try and help strength the members and try and help them as much as we can.
There are a ton of hills in this sector, I am getting really good at walking up hill all day. I never thought I'd wear out shoes, but I have.

Here's me and Elder Adams

Here's my thinking acorn and a sea shell.
Love you guys, Elder Rogers

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 11, 2016 Week 38 Oriente Quiteno

Hey Mom,
Of course we felt the Earthquake!! I ate all of my food that was in my emergency thing...I can't help myself...  
Well this week was good. Just alot of getting over being sick. I feel better now. We are a little discouraged right now because we didn't have any of our investigators show up to the church...So that kind of stinks.. Well we are feeling a little better this week. I guess I will send the voice recordings of this week. Sorry they don't make too much sense. Well I don't really know what else has been happening. Just alot of trying to not be sick and trying to help people have a testimony. It seems like it just keeps getting harder, just tough. We keep trying though. It's tufff and people don't want to change but we do have a lot of people that are very interested. I know that we are trying really hard to find the people that need us. That is really all we need to do.

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 Week 37 Oriente Quiteno

Hey Family,
Everything is going well, except that I am still pretty sick.  This week went by pretty fast, mostly because I can't remember anything cause I'm sick.  It's just a bad cold and stuff, I just don't feel good.  Not 100 percent, maybe just 12 percent, I'll pull through though. Pretty tired.  The zone leaders just dropped by to check in on us, we are doing well.
Still a little lost sometimes, but trying hard. There are a lot of stairs built in the mountains here, we just climb them all day long, looking for people to teach.  It's a little harder because people are spread out a bit. There are no flat areas here at all. We have to take busses everywhere, because it is so steep.
There are a lot of dirt roads in this sector, which reminds me of home and makes me happy.
Sounds like you are all having a good time playing with Munchie, camping and stuff.  I miss camping.
This place used to be split up into three sectors.  I kind of miss everyone in Solanda, I had big plans for that sector.  Elder Adams and I are doing great though.

I have been studying a lot.  I enjoy it.  Well I guess I better go, Love you guys.
Love Elder Rogers

June 27, 2016 Week 36 Oriente Quiteno