Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 Week 27 Solanda


Well this week was pretty good and I enjoyed it.  On Monday we visited the people in the offices and that is always fun.  Then the familia Palasio fed us some hamburgers they were pretty good.  Elder Barton is teaching me piano, I'm pretty good, but I don't know who will teach me when he leaves.  
So here in Solanda we have two wards in our church but we are only specified to Solanda. The others are called Argelia but they have to come to our chapel and what not. So we just help our members and the other missionaries help their members. We had a few investigators that were ready to get baptized but everything fell that kind of we dont have anything now but we are still looking.....Ya mismo...we will get there. do you spell that? Some of our investigators had to go help their families on the coast, that were hit by the earthquake. 
Anyways there was another big quake right in Guyaquil.....a lot of the missionaries were over there because they thought it would be safer but then they got hit by a really big quake...So I don't know if they are ok but we felt a little of that one..... We are all fine but people are still freaking out. If we had an earthquake here in Quito there would be alot of people hurt....I hope we don't get hit by an earthquake! Also the teenage girls and their family is a little hard to teach because they don't listen half the time, we are hoping to baptize that whole family sometime soon.  We will see how that goes.
We also helped the Hermanas change houses, we had to move all their stuff up and down these small spiral stairs with a rope and pully system, lucky we only dropped one suitcase, but the fridge made it up the rope hahahaha. The roof is a little small I can barely fit, but they are small hermanas so they fit fine.  You'd be surprised how much you can get done in 4 hours with 5 Elders.  
I did want to share some stuff that I learned this week. I have been very worried about this whole Earthquake thing and what not so me and my comp were studying the plan of salvation.  We need to do a few certain things here on this earth. So I guess I will start with Baptism. So baptism is the first step, the first covenant you can make with God. This is a very important step along with the others. As missionaries we always testify of Baptism. We make these promises to live these rules. And in return we will receive eternal life. We follow these commandments not just because they are a good idea but because we promised God, our maker, that we would always live them. I just wanted you guys to read Alma 11, and Alma 34, Those explain really good about the plan of salvation. I just wanted you guys to know how important this life is and that we only have one chance to live it. We could die at any time and if we aren't abiding by the rules or the commandments then we will not have a second chance at eternal life. At salvation. I just wanted to tell you guys that I know these things are true, and I am definitely going to try my hardest to achieve eternal life.  I hope you guys think about how important this life is and maybe try to find some people who need help understanding as well. I know it isn't super easy, I mean Jesus had to go through Gethsemane so it shouldn't be easy. People are going to ridicule you but that's what they did to Lehi in his dream. All the people in the buildings were pointing fingers and laughing. They are going to do that to you as well, but if we are embarrassed to follow Jesus then he is going to be embarrassed to help us after this life, and he isn't going to help us. I love you guys and hope you think about this stuff, and I know that none of us are perfect but I was just studying a lot lately. 
I wish more people here were more open to what we have to say.
I miss camping alot and wish I could go there. I love camping. Well I will send my voice recordings here in a minute but I will send some pictures first. Love you guys. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 Week 26 Solanda

You'll never believed what happened to us today!!  We got up and ate breakfast, and went to our appointments as usual.  Then we went with some youth from the church.  We were walking down the street at night time.  Then the whole ground started to shake! It was kind of bad I almost fell over, anyway all the houses were moving and all the people were screaming and running into the street.  Then all the electricity went out, and we heard a huge explosion, but we didn't see where it was coming from.   Well we almost we are ok just a lil earthquake....terremoto is what it's called. But we didn't even get hurt at all, but a bunch of people died on the coast so they are in bad shape over there. I think all of Ecuador felt it.

We had a good week, before that happened. We went on divisions as a trio, with the zone leader.  They just make sure the missionaries are doing what they are supposed too.   
We also tried to make cheese, it was a disgusting fail.  Looked like cheese paste, real gross. I forgot how to do it.  I need help! The shower is terrible here, it doesn't work right.  We don't know how to fix it. If you shower for more than 30 seconds it shuts the power out to the whole apartment.  

I'm super tired.  Bananas are super cheap here like 5 cents a piece, so I just made a banana smoothie with milk and vanilla out of 5 bananas and then I just ate 5 more.... I might die. 

I couldn't open any of my emails from my other missionary friends, so I didn't get to write any of them back, I am pressed for time on the computer.  The internet may not be working too good this week. 

Sounds like everyone is having tons of fun at home without me.  
Well we need to find a bunch of new people to teach, that is our goal this week, and baptize our investigators we have now.  Strengthen the members.  We spent a lot of time walking around this week and knocking on doors, and waiting for people.  It's been raining a lot this week.    
Earthquakes aren't as exciting as you think... well they kind of are but.... I think I slept through all of the after shocks, and we have our bags ready.  I'm super tired. We are safe and sound.
My new scripture cases

 Love you guys. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016 Week 25 Solanda

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 4, 2016 Week 24 Solanda

Well I hate typing but here it goes....So mom this week was great with the exception of a few things. So Monday, was pday and we got changes and went to our new sectors. I got Elder Bradshaw as my new companion. He is great and we knew each other from Riobamba when he was in my zone. He is awsome, my best friend in the mission probably. Well that's what happened Monday.

Then on Tuesday we woke up and got to work. Man you wouldnt believe how hard it is to open a sector. We don't know any members....or investigators....or anybody...its rough. Anyways so we basically started calling people in the area book. So we just started contacting and talking to all the members and what not. So we are really tired because every day we just try and figure out what we are doing. 
 Usually you just change one companion out of a sector because that one guy knows the place but this time they just put the two of us here....And we haven't ever been here before so we don't know where we are. Just imagine if somebody dropped you off in the middle of the woods...its kind of like that....Also we have been doing our laundry in the washing machine. its great.
Also on Tuesday we received some news....Elder Bradshaw needs to go home because he has been sick his whole mission.....So....We have been trying to work this whole week but he is leaving tomorrow and I am really sad and don't want to see him go. He is the best missionary here...He's my friend and I hope we keep in touch cause he is my pana. 
We have been trying to work and meet members but its rough. It has been an emotional week for the two of us....

Also we had General Conference and that was awesome. We just borrowed a laptop from somebody and watched it in the church. It was awesome and I wrote down a ton of stuff. Also we are super excited for the temple but that wont be completed until a few years...does that make sense. I cant speak english grammar anymore...I hate it....But I got so much from general conference this year and it was great. I really can't wait until the next one. Also I bought a voice recorder a few minutes ago... and I am going to send a lot of voice recordings. I am feeling a little better what about you guys? Love you guys mom,
The baptisms from last week were excellent.

 The Gomez Family