Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015 Week 5 MTC

November 18, 2015 Week 4 MTC

Hola Mama, Hola familia,
 It has been a short week and we get our travel plans on friday, I don't really know what else to say. I got really sick and wanted to throw up for two days but other than that I have been doing great.  I try to remember what I am doing but there is so much going on that I have no idea. There is too much information. I try to write you and dad letters as much as possible.  I am learning so much in these few weeks. I didn't think I would learn this much. Do you guys have any questions then you should ask me? I am reflecting on Jesucristo a lot here and I love teaching lessons. I am used to never sleeping now. 

We went to the temple this morning, and it was fun. We did Initiatories, and we did 5 names this morning. Last week I did 10 on accident so it took twice as long and my whole district was waiting for an hour. I thought it was funny but then again I wasn't the one waiting. We just have our zone in sacrament so theres only like 20 people there. 

I had about 15 emails to respond to. I really don't know how I have so many but it is getting ridiculous. I actually like it. I don't really know what to say. Do you want to know what I do everyday? Because it is the same all day everyday. I will try and send the flash drive but I keep forgetting to put the pictures on it. and I don't really know how to do it anyways. These computers are locked up tighter than Alcatraz. Or another place that locks up tight. Like a safe. I just got grandmas package. I went and picked it up at the MTC mail room. I got cookies and doughnuts. There is way too much food here to eat and it is killing me. Love you and I miss Wyo ming but it is fun here at the MTC sometimes. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nov 11, 2015 Week 3 MTC

November 11, 2015
trying to grow an acorn
I got all of the packages you and Granny sent me, everyone in my zone loves grandmas cookies. They are gone already. I ate a bunch and they were awesome.I have been keeping up with munchies life story and I hope he is going to get to feel better. 
We just got more new districts in my zone but we had two districts leave a few days ago so it is practically empty on my floor. I always forget what i do throughout the week and I can't remember all that happens. It is just a lot of classes, like 14 hours of class a day.
 Monday: Taught four lessons except our teacher Hermana McBride hit her head on something and went to the hospital so she didn't teach us that day. We see her tonight and she will teach us. We taught our investigator.  
And then we have something called member TRC where we just give a quick lesson in spanish to members of the church. They help us with spanish and we try and understand them when they talk. So that was monday. 

Tuesday. We did not have any lessons but we did learn some stuff in the morning and then after lunch we did personal study for like 4 hours. After dinner we just go to devotionals for a few hours then we go to sleep. 
Wednesday. we went to the temple this morning and then we ate temple breakfast.

Nov 4, 2015 Week 2 MTC

Oct 28, 2015 week 1 MTC

October 28, 2015

Anyways so the first few seconds of us being at the MTC I went and got my class stuff and then we went to class. My companion for the next 5 weeks is Elder Farley from Bountiful Utah, he doesn't talk much. I am the one who does most of the talking and stuff. My teacher has only spoken to us in spanish and even when we first got here she was speaking to us in spanish, there is no english during class except when nobody knows how to speak spanish...which is all the time. The second day we got here we taught a lesson in Spanish and it was really hard because I have no idea how to prepare a lesson in English but now we are doing it in spanish. The first lesson went really bad. Our next lesson went better. but then our lesson yesterday didn't go so well. It is really hard for me. 
Everything from high school came back to me in the first few days and then when we taught this investigator I really thought he was speaking English to me but I guess it was spanish according to Elder Farley. So I know that God really wants us to teach because he makes spanish sound like english. I am doing laundry right now so it is boring... 
I have had a few meetings with my mission president and we just talk about our families and how homesick we are. I don't know if I will ever stop being home sick but who knows. As of right now I am still homesick. Everyday we wake up at 6:30 and start our day, A lot of our day is classroom time and lesson planning time. We have taught about 6 lessons. The food here is alright even though everybody else you talk to hate it for some reason. Maybe they just don't want to be fed.  
I have these other two missionaries in my Room who are so awesome they are Elder Duron and Elder Carson. They are so cool and have helped me through this last week. Every day feels like a whole week but now that it has been 7 days I feel like it has only been a few hours. Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdad porque Jesucristo restaurado mediante la profeta Jose Smith en el nombre de Jesucristo Amen. I am still working on the spanish but I think I will get it. I hope I get enough time to email everybody back but you might just need to tell them how I am doing.

 Thanks mom, I miss you guys a lot but I am excited to be helping people. Pretty much all that happens here is learning how to love people. It is the main goal of the mtc. Sure they teach you other stuff but they really just want you to learn to love the people you meet, no matter who they are. It really is an amazing thing. 
Love Elder Rogers