Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 24, 2017 Week 78 Quito Manantial

Status update on the water.  Or rather lack of water.  Sometimes when we have water we have no electricity.  And when we have electricity we have no water, and sometimes we have neither.  I've had some kind of crazy dreams lately.  We were at a family reunion.  Everyone was there.  It was cool.
We worked really hard this week.  We saw some miracles happen.  Quite a few people came to church, so that was great.  It's very exciting when new people come to church.  Just random things.  We found a few new families to teach actually.  We also got to speak to one of the apostles this week, very cool experience.  Also divisions this week with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder Cox, I really like him a lot, he's a good guy.
I'm also practicing some hymns on the harmonica.  They are coming along.  My comp is getting eaten by bugs, but they aren't touching me.  There was a brawl in the street that we witnessed.  A couple guys not getting along too well.  Never a dull moment here.
Sorry no pictures this week.  We may go bowling next week with another district. We will see.  I guess not much else is happening. I will write more next week.
Love Elder Rogers

April 17, 2017 Week 77 Quito Manantial

Well we are currently without water.  I had to shower with 5 liters of water that I found in the house.  It has probably been stored here for about 12 years.  We are not sure why there is no water, we may launch a protest if this continues.
I gave a lesson in a big meeting this week.  I have to say I did alright.  I made it through it anyway. First week of district leader hasn't been super bad.  I do need a few lessons in what I should be doing I guess.  I'll just do my best at lifting people up and such.  Until someone tells me I am doing it wrong.  The Hermanas in our district are really hard workers, they are pretty awesome. I think they think I'm a little dumb, but that's alright.  I'll figure it out eventually.
We haven't had the opportunity to teach anyone yet.  We are just contacting people.  I'm really exited about this sector though I think it's going to be great.  I got a little sick this week for a couple days, my stomach was not my friend.  Anyway that is feeling better.  I just need to say this sector is waaaaay colder than Santo Domingo, and there are a lot of buses.  We take buses everywhere.   We did some service this week for a family who wanted to make their house bigger.  We had to move all these bricks, so we were tossing them to each other we had a system going.  It was pretty good.

This is what Easter looks like here.  They kind of do these reenactments.

I opened my Easter cards that I have been carrying around for 18 months.  Thanks Granny and Mom for those.  I love juicy fruit!  I guess when you packed these you didn't realize it would be two years before Elder Rogers opened it, I'm just saying you could have written a few more words, but I like what you wrote, so thanks everyone. Love you guys
Love Elder Rogers

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 10, 2017 Week 76 Santo Domingo-Quito

Well it's been a busy week here. It's been a bit hard for me this week honestly.  I do keep thinking about Grandpa Ray.  We have been writing my whole mission, and I was really looking forward to visiting him in Boise and Margaret teaching me to play the piano.  Everything happens so fast I guess.  It does make you just want to spend time with your family.
Anyway in other news, the laundry lady folded my socks this week.  I loved it, because I seriously hate to fold socks!! It couldn't get any better than that! I also got transferred to Quito, Turubamba, there is a massive mountain there.  My new companion is Elder Astin and here is the view from our apartment.

So all of the Hermanas that I traveled here with are heading home this week. I guess I'll stay here and hold down the fort.  I suppose that means I have hit a milestone 18 months!!  I got really sick this week for a couple days, I had a bad fever and it was horrible.  Also, I was made district leader, super nervous about that.  We had divisions this week.  I had a good talk with another Elder who lost his Grandmother a few months ago. We contacted a lot of people, so that was pretty good.  Everything is going well.  Don't worry. I will talk to you next week.
Love Elder Rogers

April 3, 2017 Week 75 Santo Domingo

Hello Family,
Well conference was good, I learned a lot of great things.  Mostly we just need to start being great, no more of this halfway stuff.  All in as they say...  hit me pretty hard really.  Sometimes I think I may be too timid, especially to my family members.  I have learned a lot here and I should probably share it with all you guys...  I mean I know I don't have as much experience as some people, but I think we all have to love each other enough to tell them when they could be doing better I guess. That's what I've been thinking.

Also everyone read Alma 5 it's really good.

Let's just not be afraid to share what we know, with everybody. We don't need to fear man, because really we all need to help each other.  I feel like our friends and kids and people we know in heaven are praying for us and rooting for us to succeed.
Okkkk so about the phone call last night.  I'm still in shock really, I did not expect that at all.  I do believe though that Grandpa is probably about 1000 times happier up there in heaven hanging out with all those that have passed on.  It's a pretty nice place to be I bet.  A big reunion happening up there right now with Grandma and Britani and everyone else.  I do wish I could go to the funeral, but I'm doing good things here.
We had interviews with President this last week.  He basically told me I would be leaving Santo Domingo in two weeks.  I'm not sure where I will be going.
We have been practicing this skit thing we are doing in a few days.  It's gonna be funny I think.
Man there have been some serious thunder storms this week.  I thought it was another earthquake, but it was just thunder.  Anyway.. that is all for now.  I hope everyone is ok there mom.
Love you guys
Elder Rogers

March 27, 2017 Week 74 Santo Domingo

I was kind of thinking this week about being too content with our lives.  I know sometimes we just get into a little routine, but we still need to push ourselves too do better.  Sometimes we have to push ourselves to change.  As a missionary I have come to see how happy people can be when they keep the commandments and take their families to the temple.
My legs are killing me today, we walked a whole lot today.  We walk a whole lot every day.  I did not realize it would be this much walking 18 months ago.  Honestly.  It's fine though I love it. I'm just pretty tired right now.  Any way I have been reading that book Jesus the Christ, I highly recommend it, if you want to learn more about Jesus and his ministry.
We went to some waterfalls today with some other missionaries.

Also I have had some ideas about camping, and hunting, and building a sauna at grandpas house.  Just throwing that out there, but I'm 100% focused here so you take care of that stuff.  Maybe all us boys go, set up basecamp and hike from there.  I'm used to hiking for miles a day now, so the rest of you can use the horses I guess.  Anyway... can't talk about that right now so 
We did a lot of contacting this week.   We even found this other guy that we had lost track of, so that was cool.  It was good to see him again and talk to him.  He loves music, and he speaks very fantastic english.   
The hammock is coming along, well actually it's just there right now.  It's halfway done, don't say anything mom, I'm gonna finish it I swear!  It's like a curse I guess, the Rogers' can't finish anything....
Well I guess I will talk to you next week.
Elder Rogers

March 20, 2017 Week 73 Santo Domingo

Well it's been a good week.  Lots of rain again.  We also had divisions this week.  I love my sector, I hope I never leave.   I love all the kids outside all the time.  They talk to us all the time.  It's super fun.
Exercises about killed me Monday, everything is sore today.  We haven't met any new people this week really. It's kind of hard when you can't visit with families anymore, because they don't want to make any changes.  It makes me sad really. Also I just have to say I really, really, really like the nice lady who washes our clothes. She is super nice.  She won't ever take our money though.  Maybe I can leave some in my pocket and it will show up in her dryer or something.
Thanks for all the voice recordings dad, they are great.  Sounds like basketball was fun.  I'm sorry to have missed Kolt and Kyleigh's last games. Especially the state events, I liked going to those.  I am doing important things over here though.
It's been a short week, it has gone by pretty fast.  We did go to a farm this week to do a service.
 Bug bites They kind of burn actually....
 It's swelling a bit hmmmm...

Eating a Cocoa on a motorcycle
Before it becomes chocolate....
It doesn't taste like chocolate at all, it's hard to explain.  It was really good though.

You know how hard it is to get food around here.  I mean growing it and stuff.  I so appreciate food more now honestly. It's so hot here, I don't think you guys really know what I mean by that. I am sweating all day long.  It's 10:00 at night and I still have the fan on sweating and sweating....
I also decided to make some shoes out of old tires, I tried to cut one up with a razor blade, but I ran into too many wires.  It's harder than I thought to cut through actually. I may have to give up on the idea. Oh ya and I got bit by a dog on my ankle, same dog that bit Elder Brown on his ankle.  He always sneaks up on us.
I also figured out the best way to feel the spirit at church and other places.  I think it's all about being humble, that's when you can learn new things.  You have to be ready to teach, and if you are humble then the Lord can speak to you. Anyway enough for today gotta go
Elder Rogers

Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 13, 2017 Week 72 Santo Domingo

Well hello family,
Well we made a little sauna out of our spare bathroom, it worked pretty good.  Also apparently there was a robbery here close by,  I think they caught the guys, so don't worry about it.  There was a big boom outside, I thought it was just fireworks as usual.  Turns out it wasn't!!  The cops here just ride around on dirt bikes.  Swat teams and all....
I have also been working out pretty hard recently, I have some sore muscles today...  I think if you guys ever get that deck rollin, you should build a sauna out there.  Or even better, build one at grandpas house on his deck.  He would love it I'm sure.  It's also good for season veterans such as thereselves.
Anyway did some weekly planning as usual, had a pretty good week.  It has been blazing hot this week.  I have been eating these fruits called tamarindos they are super good, with a little sugar on them.  I'm starting to realize the reality of what will happen when I come home, and having to get money for college and stuff like that.  It's crazy...
I finally ran into some other missionaries who swam on swim team in high school, so we chatted about that for a while.... I miss that.
I've been reading Alma again lately.  He talks a lot about being humble and studying the scriptures, that is when you actually learn the most.  I've learned a lot about repentance on the mission here, it's mostly about wanting to follow the commandments of God.  Have we all experienced a conversion to the church?  Have we all ceased to do wickedness?  It's something everyone needs to find out for themselves I think....
Well no pictures this week
Love, Elder Rogers