Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 24, 2017 Week 91 Quito, Manantial

Well it's been a good week.  I had to teach some of the other missionaries about how to find people to teach, short notice.  I think it went well though, I shared some personal experiences, it was good.  I gotta tell you I enjoy seeing people being happy and learning the gospel, and trying to live it.
We cleaned the house real good this week, so I hope it stays clean for a little while.   Also had some more divisions this week.  I have been pretty tired.
We had an adventure this week teaching some people that one of our members wanted us to meet, they aren't too friendly to the church.  It was super interesting.  Went to his cousin and they want to be baptized.  Just an amazing time, lots of miracles.  There are a lot of people just right there that want to listen to us.  We are also trying to start a family home evening type group in one of our areas.
There's a nice scripture in Ether 12:36-37. It has helped me answer some questions I have had, and helped me not to be angry with people who don't want to listen I guess.
We do have some baptisms coming up in August so that is great, we are finding new investigators and that is what we are working for.
There was a special visitor from the quorum of the 70 on Sunday.  He spoke about not judging people and coming to church to grow closer to God, and applying stuff we learn in our lives.  He was pretty funny really. I enjoyed his talks.
Well we went up this nameless mountain today.  Here are some pictures.  We met a dog on the way, he decided to come with us for some reason.  I named him after a Ecuadorian warrior. (Atahualpa)

Well that's all for this week fam.
Love Elder Rogers

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